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How long have you been in business?

I have been in business since 2007, I started out very small and focused on doing a great job for each and every one of my clients. I have been able to grow with the industry, keeping up my skills as things change.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Every couple of years I upgrade my equipment to the latest technology, it is very important and assures you are always getting the latest look and feel. I recently switched from Canon DSLR’s to Sony Mirrorless cameras. Audio is equally important to me as video and I always bring the right equipment and check in advance as to how to gather the audio in the most professional way possible.

What is your typical turn around time?

Turn around time varies on the video and your deadline. If you want or need something delivered by a certain date we can always help you meet your deadline. Events are typically delivered as soon as two weeks in some cases and up to six weeks for others.

How do you deliver the final video?

You will be sent an email with a link to download your video and in some cases a USB drive will be delivered to you directly. The files are in High Definition and can be played on your Smart TV’s and other devices. I am always happy to help you with this step!!

Do you work well with photographers, DJ’s, and event planners?

Yes! It is my goal that every vendor gets to do their absolute best job during an event. In some cases I will be in touch with a DJ before an event to introduce myself and communicate my needs for sound, I’ll set up phone calls with event planners to go over day-of details, and I always stay out of the way of photographers and let them get in my shot if needed as I can usually edit around them. Many photographers, DJ’s, and event planners end up recommending me because of our good rapport.

Are you the one that does the filming and editing?

Yes! I will be the videographer if you decide to hire me. I sometimes bring out an assistant or second camera operator and in some cases I will outsource for editing if that is what the job requires.

Can you do just editing for me or my company?

Yes! If you have footage that has already been shot and you need someone to edit, I am happy to help with that service.

What sets you apart from other videographers?

There are many people that I look up to in this business and my hope is that I am aligning with their production skills as opposed to setting myself apart from them. I am constantly inspired by the filmmaking community around us, and I never stop learning and improving my skills. In video production, work ethic is vital to a successful business. There is always more work to be done, room for improvement, and further opportunities to be had. That being said, I feel my experience over the years has allowed me to develop the ability to both capture and create a story through video and that has brought a lot of success to my business and clients.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes!! Absolutely! I would be happy to talk to you about your project and see what the best direction is for you to take.

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